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This area of ​​the capital of Tokyo's 23 wards is called the Tama River. Approximately 4.3 million people from 30 cities, towns and villages have confirmed their lives in Tama. From Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, and Shibuya Station, you can enjoy the precious nature of Mt. Shinjuku, Mt. Mitake, Tama River, and Oku Tama River in one classroom, and the flora and fauna of Tokyo will live there. Eat the aptitude of the land. I'm on a tour.

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  • Ome Cultural Experience Day Tour

  • Ome Cultural Experience Day Tour

  • Hachioji Agricultural Experience Day Tour

  • Camp of Tama

  • Sento of Tama

  • Staying of Tama

  • Dyeing of Tama

  • Mountain of Tama

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